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We want to help our clients reach new heights with quality, creative content marketing, and inventive paid search ads. Marketing is more than just ads. It’s about knowing your customers, their needs, and their interests. Answering questions and being helpful is far more important than content for the sake of content. We can help you stay a cut above the rest.

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We serve businesses big and small that want to grow their online presence, scale their business, and be seen wherever their customers are.

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Shire Lyon


Shire Lyon is the head of Shire Lyon Ads and has 10 years of experience in digital marketing, including paid ads, social media, and website design. She has led digital marketing teams and projects for no less than the last 5 years. She’s a graduate of the SCSU Communications program and the UMass Lowell Web Design certificate program.

Rebecca Wilby

Rebecca Wilby

Senior Media Buyer

Having started in Marketing back in 2009, Rebecca (better known as Bex) has a wealth of experience in various sectors in the USA, UK & Australian markets. I first met Bex back in 2015, and we quickly developed a friendship through our love of marketing and both being moms to 2 children. Over the years, we have met up several times in person, and we make quite the duo.

Over the last three years, Bex has worked almost exclusively for an Agency dealing with Healthcare professionals. Getting fantastic results for Clinicians where they saw their new patients’ bookings increase dramatically from very little ad spend. In some ways, it has become her superpower, taking a little budget and making it go a long way. She not only works with B2C, but she also has a wealth of experience in working with B2B.

Bex is well versed across LinkedIn, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing), Google Ads, and Meta (formerly Facebook). She also brings a wealth of knowledge to the team in regards to tracking, data analysis and strategic planning. Bex has spoken at Marketing events in the UK. One of her greatest achievements was speaking at the UK’s largest MSK event on topics directly related to marketing and the healthcare industry, with over 15,000 online attendees. Besides that, she has also spoken on one of YouTube’s largest Marketing Channels, Measureschool.com, and helped coordinate one of their first online Marketing events. 

So, she really does know her stuff. 

With her experience across so many niches and diverse markets, it is a great honor to have her as part of Shire Lyon Ads.

Aimee Bird business development

Aimee Bird

Business Development

Aimee has been in marketing for 4 years with her skills honed in social media marketing, PPC (Google Ads) and website building. However, her main experience lies in customer relations and working closely with clients. She has been head of sales and technical onboarding for previous marketing agencies and genuinely loves coaching people through the process of marketing.

Before entering the world of marketing, Aimee spent nearly 10 years in clinic management, including aesthetic and dental clinics in Kent and London. She has firsthand experience of in-clinic struggles when it comes to balancing the need to get patients through the door with the time/budget needed to market effectively.

Casey Marte SEO manager


Web Development and SEO

Casey is Bilingual (English + Spanish). She is a web developer, SEO expert, and project manager with 7+ years of demonstrated success in project scoping and planning.

Some of her skills include:

✅Search Engine Optimization
✅Local SEO
✅SEO Audits
✅SEO Strategy
✅Organic Growth
✅Social Media Marketing
✅Web Design
✅Email Marketing

Kerri Rogers



Kerri Rogers has 5 years of experience as a copywriter creating website content, blog content and more. She has extensive experience researching businesses and industries and providing well-informed and knowledgeable content and content strategies. She graduated from Babington Business College with a degree in business administration.

Employee working on computer


PPC Manager

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