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Content Marketing

content marketing increases brand recognition

Creating Stories That Fuel Business Growth

Become a Known Brand

Brands that produce regular content rank higher on Google and maintain audience engagement. But you can’t simply put out any old content. You need content that is relevant to your audience and provides them with value.

We use content marketing to breathe life into brands as no other content marketing agency does. With nearly a decade of experience in marketing, Shire Lyon Ads has the knowledge and track record to deliver you a content strategy that is more impactful than anything you have had before.

Leading Businesses Trust Us with Their Marketing

A comprehensive and flexible content marketing strategy based on your business goals will help grow your brand name. Becoming a familiar name with your target audience will increase consumer trust and push leads through your sales funnel. 

With content marketing, we can create stories that are worth sharing. Quality content is the only thing that we deliver, and we will harness the power of accurate data to produce and distribute content that gets results.

Reach people via online channels

Shire has brought expertise, creativity, flexibility and a great attitude to all of the projects we’ve worked together on.

– Anna Karadzhova, Hop Online
SEO website content

SEO Website Content

Creating website content without keyword research is like driving a car with no steering wheel. You can’t drive your website strategy in any direction. Keywords are crucial for any successful website content. We include keywords in all our website content that accounts for the search phrases users are actively looking for to find your content. With rigorous research and testing, we ensure that your website content will increase organic traffic. 


Blogging is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. Not only does it bring more traffic to your website, but it can also help build brand awareness and authority. Blogging gives your brand a voice and a chance to share valuable insights with your audience to deepen the brand-customer relationship. Readers of your blog are leads, and with high-quality content, you can turn those leads into customers over time.

content marketing blogging
Other types of content marketing, case studies, ebooks, and more

E-books, Case studies, and Whitepapers

An effective content marketing strategy embraces all types of content. With e-books, whitepapers, and case studies, you can go in-depth to share valuable knowledge and present your brand as a leader within your industry. 

We create compelling long-form content that goes in-depth into a specific topic to present you as a thought leader and build authority around your brand. 


Short, informative graphics get people’s attention. They also set you apart from competitors while delivering useful information that your clients will value.


Why You need content

Why Does Content Marketing Matter?

Drive Organic Traffic

Content marketing is the best way to drive organic traffic to your site. It helps show Google you have useful content that will help solve users’ problems. When you write brilliant content, you increase your website’s number of pages and authority, which leads to a higher rank in search engines.

Build Trust

Content can help build trust by providing value and establishing credibility with your audience. When businesses create high-quality content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to their target audience, they demonstrate their expertise and establish themselves as trusted authority in their industry.

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