Digital marketing trends

3 Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

digital marketing trends

As many of us know, digital marketing is far from the days of Mad Men. We’ve moved on from simple print ads to high tech marketing and psychological techniques. Our world moves fast, and it’s essential to keep up with the latest technologies and best practices. We’ve scoured the internet to put together these top three digital marketing trends for 2020 to keep you up-to-date.

Personalization is Key

Our first digital marketing trend is about speaking to the individual. Do you like being lumped into a category? I know I don’t. Generic newsletters and emails don’t reach customers, and they don’t have an emotional pull. In 2020, personalization will be vital in making your customers feel like individuals.

AI use is higher than it ever was before, but that shouldn’t get in the way of sending the right message. Gaining a more emotional connection by segmenting your audiences and tailoring your message to their persona is the way to connect with your customers. You’ll score bonus points for using their name or other personal facts like their interests. Use personalization to stand out in a crowded field.

imagery is important

Don’t Say It Show It

If YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram TV are any indication of how visual most people are, then you should know that using text alone just won’t cut it. Infographics, graphs, and charts help people to understand complex data while images and video aid in telling your story. 

According to Forbes, ” 91% of consumers now prefer interactive and visual content over traditional, text-based or static media.” There’s no indication this trend is slowing down either. That means you’ll need to find new and visually appealing ways to reach your customers and pass on facts about your brand. 

Did you know that visuals also help people to remember things better? Think about the last time you were on Facebook. Do you remember the words of a friend’s post or that silly meme your sister posted? Our bets are on that meme. Consider that the next time you’re working on brand visibility or introducing a new product.

digital trends AI

AI Takeover

AI automation is nothing new. Google Ads uses AI to improve campaign performance. Chatbots streamline customer service, and Microsoft’s AI creates images from words. What’s trending this year is the continued move towards using AI automation to make marketing more effective.

Marketers will be using AI to analyze big data. Predictive analytics will drive marketing strategies. It will also provide the data needed to create hyper-personalized marketing messages and customer experiences. Content creation and e-commerce transactions will also benefit from the assistance of AI.

This trend may have been the last on the list, but it’s probably one of the largest growing areas in marketing. Embracing AI technology and find new ways to incorporate it into all you do will improve your speed, accuracy, and ability to reach your ideal audience.

As you can see, this year’s digital marketing trends are all about people and efficiency. Gone are the days of guess what your customer might want or the messaging that appeals to them. We, as marketers, now have more data at our fingertips than the Don Draper types could have ever imagined. Use these trends in your every day planning to make this year a successful one!

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