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Drive Brand Awareness

Consumers on the internet are searching for your product or service every day. 

They know what they want and are looking for your specific product or service. The problem? Your challenge is letting them know that your product or service exists!

With paid search marketing, you increase your brand awareness and get your name in front of thousands of search users who not only do not know that your brand exists but are also looking for the exact product or service you offer.

paid search brand awareness

Drive Leads, Sales, and Revenue

Paid search marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive immediate sales. 

When a user goes to a search engine, they know what they want to find. Whether a consumer is searching for something specific such as “root canal,” or inquiring about an even broader term such as “dentist,” the consumer intent is there. 

We use targeting keywords with a deep understanding of consumer intent to place your business in front of search users at the moment they are ready to buy. You will see sales and leads quickly, unlike SEO which offers results over longer periods of time.


Paid advertising platforms we use

Google Ads

Google is the main player when it comes to online searches. We use the huge audiences that Google has to place strategic ads that drive transformative results for our clients. We create,  optimize and manage smart PPC campaigns that come from years of experience in paid search across numerous industries. 

From the creative to the technology, we can manage every part of your Google Search campaign and are here to help you grow your business through Google Search.

Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Are you using Google Ads but not Bing Ads? It’s time to add Bing into the mix. Almost 80% of businesses use Google Ads, but only a fraction of that is placing ads on Microsoft Bing.
Bing takes up a surprising 25% share of the search engine market, and a large percentage of those searches are happening on desktops.

There is a huge audience to tap into that your competitors aren’t looking at. The lower number of businesses using Bing ads makes them cheaper and lower competition meaning it’s easier for your business to get in front of highly relevant audiences at a lower cost.

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